Friday, May 1, 2015


This is my gif file. I took many pictures of Cade drinking water then made them into a gif.


This is my panoramic image. I took pics of the area by C and put it together to make it a panoramic.


This is my retouch assignment. I took a picture of wrinkles and made it so there aren't any.

Magazine Cover

This is my magazine assignment. I put my face on a magazine of Blake Griffin.

Movie Poster

This is my movie poster assignment. I put my face on a poster of Nacho Libre.

Picture Collage

This is my picture collage with different texts.

Classical "painted"portrait

This is my classical "painted" portrait. I took a pic of me dunking on Jared and made it look like I painted it.

Creative Blurr

This is my creative blur assignment. I blurred everything else but me.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Portrait Montage Using Different Backgrounds

This is my portrait montage using different backgrounds.

Photo Montage Using Different Filters

This is my portrait montage using different filters. I got the filters using Photo Booth.

Triple Portrait (Evolution)

This is my my triple portrait evolution. I showed the evolution of the iPhone.

Candy Land

This is my candy land. I made my own land out of candy.

Art Addition

This is my art addition to a masterpiece. I added my face to the Statue of Liberty.


This is my repetition project. I used a basketball to show the repetition.

Look Who Is In Our School

This is my look who is in our school project. I added Tom and Jerry, Mr. Krabs, Superman, and Aang.

Create a Disproportionate Photo

For this project I enlarged the basketball and shoes and shrunk Zach LaVine.