Friday, May 1, 2015


This is my gif file. I took many pictures of Cade drinking water then made them into a gif.


This is my panoramic image. I took pics of the area by C and put it together to make it a panoramic.


This is my retouch assignment. I took a picture of wrinkles and made it so there aren't any.

Magazine Cover

This is my magazine assignment. I put my face on a magazine of Blake Griffin.

Movie Poster

This is my movie poster assignment. I put my face on a poster of Nacho Libre.

Picture Collage

This is my picture collage with different texts.

Classical "painted"portrait

This is my classical "painted" portrait. I took a pic of me dunking on Jared and made it look like I painted it.

Creative Blurr

This is my creative blur assignment. I blurred everything else but me.